Meet our MA Team!

We are excited about the expansion of Simon Says Give into the Worcester, MA area! Please meet our local team and contact them to get involved!  Phone: 917-324-3094, email: or

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  • Jim Eber

    Adult Leader

    Jim Eber has nearly three decades experience in public relations, marketing, and collaborating on books and projects with personalities and brands across a variety of consumer and business areas. He has been directly involved in the launch of 14 New York Times bestsellers and has been the writer on more than ten books in business and food. Not surprisingly, people find him much more interesting when he is writing about chocolate than management—including his wife and son who he is supporting in the launch of Simon Says Give in Worcester.

Meet Our MA Kid Board

  • Simon Eber


    Simon Eber, 15, is the founder and Kid President of Simon Says Give® – Worcester. In 2016, Simon was looking for a way to give back and make a difference in the city he lives in when he heard about Simon Says Give®. By 2017, while attending eighth grade at Forest Grove Middle School, he raised almost $7000 himself to launch his first two initiatives: providing birthday parties to kids 5-12 and customized, fully stocked backpacks to rising at-need middle schoolers throughout the city. By the end of 2018, Simon will have raised more than $25,000 and along with some terrific kid and adult volunteers will have provided nearly 500 backpacks (each worth almost $70 at retail), partnered to deliver another 200, and arranged for more than 30 birthday parties. When he is not working on Simon Says Give, Simon plays guitar in a rock band, climbs and works at a rock climbing gym, plays soccer, and eats everything he possibly can, especially sushi and all Asian food, shellfish, and barbecue. He is now a sophomore at Saint John’s High School in Shrewsbury.