MA Board

MA Board

These amazing people have enthusiastically come together to serve the mission of Simon Says Give with their individual passions and talents. Because of them, there are tens of thousands of children that benefit from Simon Says Give. We love our board! Please take time to meet them.




Simon Eber

Simon  Eber


Simon  Eber, 18, founded the Worcester chapter in 2016 while attending eighth grade at Forest Grove Middle School. Looking to honor the concept of “tikkun olam” (performing acts of kindness to repair the world), he wanted to give back and make a difference in his city and the Simons welcomed him. In his five years as president, the Worcester chapter provided 2100+ middle school backpacks filled with supplies, celebrated 180+ kids, and generated more than 2,500 youth volunteer hours (in addition to his own). Simon plays guitar in several rock bands, climbs competitively and works at a rock climbing gym, and eats everything he possibly can. He is a first-year student at Brandeis University, where he holds a Humanities Fellowship.

Jim Eber

Jim Eber

Adult Leader

Jim Eber has nearly three decades experience in public relations, marketing, and collaborating on books and projects with personalities and brands across a variety of consumer and business areas. He has been directly involved in the launch of 14 New York Times bestsellers and has been the writer on more than twenty books in business and food. Not surprisingly, people find him much more interesting when he is writing about chocolate than management—including his wife and son who he supported in the launch of Simon Says Give in Worcester.



Adult Leader

Amy Richter is Associate Professor and Chair of the History Department at Clark University. Her research and teaching focus on nineteenth and twentieth-century American cultural history, with an emphasis on women’s and urban history. She also serves as the Academic Director and U.S. History instructor in the Worcester Clemente Course in the Humanities. She helps Simon Says Give - Worcester with all aspects of our work, especially connections across Worcester and with the Kid Advisory Board.

MA Kid Board



Morgan Blundell


Morgan Blundell, 13, was the first applicant to our Kid Advisory Board. She started volunteering with Simon Says Give – Worcester in May 2018 when she attended our annual backpack assembly and she has been at every single event and meeting since. Born and raised in Worcester, she is the oldest of three girls. She loves to laugh and help others. She is in ninth grade at Worcester Technical High School and will be the heart of our group for years to come.

Brooklyn Michelle Flores

Brooklyn Michelle Flores

Senior Director

Brooklyn Michelle Flores, 14, is an art-empowered kid leader with a passion in environmental science, community justice, and entrepreneurship. As a member of Arts Worcester and an active artist of Be Studios, Brook is constantly finding new ways to merge her love for the planet with her artistic skills through murals, attempting to create new ideas to battle the current social and environmental crisis. Dedicating her downtime to understanding the ways of nature and how to preserve it, she is a member and camp counselor-in-training of the Mass Audubon and the Audubon Society. In addition to all that and her Simon Says Give work, she runs Crate & Howl, an online and on-site dog supply shop based in Worcester. Brook is a homeschooled high school freshman student of Connections Academy.




Julianna "Juju" Fisher, 12, may be the youngest member of our new Kid Advisory Board but she is one of our original volunteers. She was part of our first-ever Worcester chapter backpack assembly in 2017 and has volunteered at every event since, helped deliver backpacks and birthdays, and been a master blanket maker for our birthday kids. She even raised more than $2,000 for our backpacks in 2021 as part of her bat mitzvah! She has been waiting to be old enough to get even more involved with us as a board member and we're so thrilled she applied. Julianna has a passion for music and art and loves rainy days and hanging out with her friends. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she attends Forest Grove Middle School in Worcester.




Brendan Irish, 14, has volunteered at our backpack events in the past but hopes his leadership role gives him chances to see kids faces light up when they get their birthday presents or help them excel in school because we helped give them the tools necessary to succeed. He also looks forward to more opportunities to meet people within the city where he was born and lives and has deep family connections. He is a WooSox Scholars finalist and a freshman at Saint John's High School in Shrewsbury.




Natalie Kakule, 15, started volunteering for us through her school at our 2019 birthday box assembly and found herself impacted and wanting to do more – and getting back to doing the things she loves including soccer, student council, and working with Simon Says Give - Worcester! Natalie hopes to not only continue with birthday and backpack assemblies but also bring new connections and ideas to the table. She lives in Worcester and is in 10th grade at Bancroft School.