Meet our team!

These amazing people have enthusiastically come together to serve the mission of Simon Says Give with their individual passions and talents. Because of them, there are tens of thousands of children that benefit from Simon Says Give. We love our board! Please take time to meet them.

  • dina-simon

    Dina B. Simon

    President and Chairman of the Board

    Dina not only brings the dedication and passion of her daughter’s vision to the organization but also her business and leadership capabilities. With more than 20 years of sales and leadership experience, Dina has been both a successful high-producing sales person and a member of the senior leadership teams within two $2-billion organizations. She has built a strong track record as an effective, inspiring leader and manager of sales teams. Through her business ventures today, she lends her sales, leadership and strategic expertise to organizations striving to break through to the next level of growth. She believes Simon Says Give will help grow the next generation of leaders by providing the opportunity for children to develop essential life skills and a passion for giving back for the greater good.

  • Lou Abramowski

    Lou Abramowski

    Vice Chairman

    Lou Abramowski, aka hotlou, has spent the last decade creating and supporting companies in the social space. Lou is a MN Cup Winner, former Co-Founder of social commerce startup 8thBridge, Founder & CEO of and chief adviser to many emerging and national client companies. He is one of the most passionate entrepreneurs that cares deeply about the bigger picture and contributing to the greater good. He is an honorary “uncle” to Mandi and now official board member working hard to support her vision. Lou sits on our Board as the Vice Chairman of the Board.

  • Bryan Altman

    Bryan Altman


    Bryan Altman has worked for the past decade to help parents and children navigate the unique challenges of divorce and co-parenting. Now he’s translating that experience to help Mandi and Simon Says Give serve underprivileged children of all backgrounds. When Dina put the word out that SSG needed a treasurer, a mutual friend thought of Bryan immediately. After one meeting they knew it was a great fit. Bryan is the Chief Operating Officer of where he manages sales, service, product design and user experience. As a leader in a start up, and now striving small company, he understands how to hone a great idea and take it to the next level.

  • Brittany Lloyd

    Brittany Lloyd


    Brittany is our amazing Secretary for SSG. Since the beginning she and her entire family have been volunteers and have offered huge support to us. Brittany is the Associate CIO at the University of Minnesota. Over the past 13 years, she has had responsibility for ensuring enterprise IT service delivery is aligned with the strategic priorities of the institution while meeting end user needs and expectations. Prior to joining the University, Brittany worked for Arthur Andersen doing higher education consulting focused around strategy alignment, business process redesign, and research administration.

  • jeffry-brown

    Jeffry Brown


    There are people that just show-up in your life and immediately impact it forever. Jeff is one of those people!

    Jeff brings to the board over 35 years of diverse experience in executive management, business development, sales promotion, and leadership coaching. He possesses a unique capacity to make rapid assessment of diverse situational challenges and develop and drive the resulting action plans. His bucket list includes helping clients where they are stuck so they can sleep better through the transference of his experience, knowledge, successes, and failures in the acceleration of their business objectives. He is an Executive Coach, Innovation Catalyst, and Board Member.

    Client and employment experiences include: Disney, Apple, and Bio-key International and board positions at Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Cancer Kids Fund, and various other local charities.

  • ben-hanson-profile-photo

    Ben Hanson


    We met Ben through our BOLD connections at the ACG MN Chapter. He was so inspired by the work that we were doing, especially around the gift of birthday celebrations that he had to be a part of what we were living-out. He joins our Board of Directors and will oversee our expansion to other areas of the country. Ben has experience across a variety of industries and specializes in helping organizations drive growth through the development of transformative go-to-market strategies, change management, implementing enabling technologies, sales effectiveness, and customer experience. He currently works for Honeywell as a Director of Strategic Marketing.


  • Tim Sitzmann

    Tim Sitzmann


    Tim Sitzmann is an associate in the Intellectual Property group at Winthrop & Weinstine. He was doing pro-bono work through Winthrop & Weinstine when he found us and we couldn’t let him go. That is when we asked him to join our board and in true Tim spirit, he jumped at the opportunity and we couldn’t be happier. With his vast background in the trademark and licensing world he works closely with Simon Says Give ensuring that our Trademarks, Registrations and potential future Simon Says Give locations are moving forward with ease.

  • Sara Stanley

    Sara Stanley


    Sara has grown up working with, caring for, and supporting those around her. From being a Girl Scout for 11 years to volunteering at nursing homes and with youth groups as child and young adult, giving back to the community has always been close to her heart. After hearing Mandi’s inspiring story she knew that the leadership skills she had developed over the years could be put into action supporting her and Simon Says Give. Sara has considerable experience working with on teams and cultivating relationships. She is a former small business owner, Retail Business Analyst, Financial Advisor and is currently a Suitability Review Analyst at Wealth Enhancement Group. Most importantly, she feels it is an honor to work with all of the amazing children and young adults that embody “Kids Celebrating Kids!”

  • kent-engler

    Kent Engler

    Board Director

    Kent is the director of retail banking at TCF Bank. In this role, he oversees retail banking branches and team members in Arizona, Colorado and Minnesota. Simon Says Give has enjoyed a partnership with TCF Bank over the past several years. We are excited to expand our relationship with TCF and Kent.

  • trevor-beaty

    Trevor Beaty


    Trevor has joined our team as a Board Director and will be overseeing our Youth Advocacy. Trevor has been a key volunteer, photographer and designer for our team for the past four years. We are thrilled to have his leadership and passion for youth and ensure their voice has a seat at the table within our organization.

  • devon-block

    Devon Block

    Director of Marketing

    Devon has served as our Marketing Committee Chair for the past few years and joined our Board Directors in 2016. Devon has brought her creative eye and design abilities to our team to help us fine-tune our brand and image in print and online. She is passionate and dedicated to our organization and a key volunteer and consistent face of Simon Says Give. We are excited to have her move into an official Board Director overseeing our Marketing Team.

Meet Our MN Kid Board

  • mandi-simon-profile-2016

    Mandi Simon

    Founder/Chief Charity Officer

    Mandi Simon, a conscientious 13 year old, founded Simon Says Give when she was just 8 years old because she wanted to make an impact on the lives of kids. Mandi participates at board meetings and is very engaged in the business during the summer. During the school year, Mandi spends her time working with the other youth leaders of our organization ensuring that our goals are moving forward.

    Mandi is a 8th grader at Visitation School. She loves French Class and playing Volleyball! Mandi also serves as a GlobeChanger with the Jefferson Awards Foundation.


  • Clare

    Clare Kirchner


    Clare Kirchner is 12 years old and lives in Eagan, MN with her mom, dad, two crazy younger brothers, and pet fish. She is in 7th grade at Visitation School. She is energetic, silly, persistent, and hopeful. Clare is an Irish dancer, plays volleyball, and enjoys theater. When she grows up, she would like to be an allergist or an architect. Clare loves helping others and making other people smile. Being a part of Simon Says Give allows her to do just that! As Co-President with Mandi on the Kid Advisory Board, she hopes to help this wonderful organization grow.

  • Annabelle

    Annabelle Broughten

    High 5 for Supplies Director

    At age 14 Annabelle joined Simon Says Give. She lives in Savage and is an 9th grader at Prior Lake High School. She is creative, ambitious, and funny. In her free time she throws shotput and discus and hangs out with friends. She hopes to bring her creativity and ambitiousness to the team. Annabelle works many hours to support our High Five for Supplies efforts during the summer! Her passion and her many hours of service drives our success!

  • Blake

    Blake Fritz


    Blake Fritz is 11 years old and will be in 5th grade at Friendly Hills Middle School.  He lives in Eagan, MN with his mom, dad, and two younger brothers.

    As secretary on the Kid Advisory Board for Simon Says Give, Blake looks forward to using his leadership skills.  His love for sports, his passion for helping others, and his ability to encourage others make him a perfect fit for the team.  He became a board member to gain knowledge and experience in serving others.

    When Blake grows up he wants to be an athlete and off the field a coach and mentor to others.

  • Cameron

    Cameron Marsh

    Events Director

    Starting in elementary school, Cameron has had a passion for helping those around her. From volunteering through church to starting her own fundraiser for Relay for Life, giving back to the community is something Cameron has always enjoyed. When she first got the chance to volunteer with Mandi, it inspired her to put her creative skills to good use by joining the Kid Advisory Board as an event director. Cameron is currently a junior at Eagan High School. Cameron is inventive, energetic, ambitious, and dedicated. Her hobbies include Eagan Speech Team, National Honors Society, dance and theatre. She is undecided about what career path she wants to go down, but knows she wants to choose something that involves her passion with the arts and working with people.

  • Drew

    Drew D. Beckstrand

    Simon Says 'Give" Award Director

    Drew D. Beckstrand, is 9 years old and a 4th grade student at St. John’s Lutheran School in Maple Grove. Drew is the eldest child of Darren and Nichol Beckstrand who live in Corcoran MN with his little sister and dog Lola. He is the founder of a nonprofit called Leashes of Love. Leashes of Love has a mission of providing dog leashes for dogs in rescue. In his spare time he likes to play guitar, play baseball and in the winter outdoor activities such as skiing and snowmobiling. His role on the Kid Advisory Board is the role of the “Give Awards” Director. He wanted to be on this board to do more for kids and he wants to learn more about running his own company so I can grow his business.

    Drew says, his parents call him their little engineer because he is always building stuff. He likes to create projects and is very curious.

  • Marissa

    Marissa Broughten

    Kids in Action Director

    Marissa Broughten is 12 years old and lives in Savage, MN. Marissa joined Simon Says Give as the Kids in Action Director because of her interest in helping other kids and making them happy.

    She is in 7th grade and goes to Hidden Oaks Middle School. Marissa grew up in St. Paul, MN. She spent a lot of time with family and enjoyed going to the state fair.

    Marissa is athletic, neat, ambitious and empathetic. She loves to swim and do synchronized swimming. She has completed two Miracles of Mitch triathlons.

    She would like to become a veterinarian when she is an adult because she loves animals and wants to help animals in need.

  • Jenna

    Jenna Herbrand

    Kid Advocate Director

    Jenna is 16 years old and lives in Eagan, Minnesota. Giving back to the community has been an important part of her life whether through being a leader at her churche summer camps, or volunteering at organizations such as Feed my Starving Children, Loaves and Fishes, and of course, Simon Says Give. Jenna finds helping other people to be the most rewarding and positive influencing thing she has done. Currently a junior at Eagan High School, Jenna enjoys participating in activities such as lacrosse, speech team, french club, and theater. In the future Jenna would love to study psychology, social work, and education. Her dream job would be to teach English to children in foreign countries. She is caring and passionate, and is excited and ready to give back to her community by serving as the Kid Advocate Director at Simon Says Give.

  • Jessica-Citron

    Jessica Citron

    Marketing Director

    At the age of 14, Jessica joined Kids Advisory Board. Jessica is a sophomore at St. Paul Academy and lives in Eagan, Minnesota. Jessica is smart, ambitious, creative and charismatic. She enjoys singing in her school choir, volunteering with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and spending time with her family, especially her five younger brothers. Growing up with five little brothers has taught Jessica the importance of compassion and patience. When she grows up Jessica wants to work with children. This passion for helping children is what motivated Jessica to become the Marketing Director on Kid Advisory Board. Jessica’s all time hero is her Grandpa, Paul Citron who has bettered the world and saved many lives through his inventions and dedication to his work. Jessica hopes to have the same passion and dedication that her Grandpa has for her work with Simon Says Give.

  • Patrick

    Patrick Gainor

    Volunteer Director

    Patrick Gainor is 10 years old and lives in Farmington, MN. He attends Cyprus Classical Academy and loves to learn – especially science, Isaac Newton, Plato, and engineering.  In his free time, he play sports, rides roller coasters, and spends time with his family. Patrick also plays cello, piano and drums. He believes it is important to be involved with volunteering because there are people in need out there that we need to help. Patrick serves on our Kid Advisory Board to inspire other kids to get involved and join our volunteer opportunities.

  • Sara

    Sara O’Halloran

    Birthday Celebrations Director

    Sara is our Birthday Party Director for Simon Says Give. Sara partnered with us a few years ago by volunteering at birthday parties and creating posters. She absolutely loved Mandi’s idea of giving birthday parties to kids who otherwise couldn’t have one and wanted to do more. Sara is currently a junior at Eagan High School. She enjoys playing tennis, lacrosse, traveling, being a part of the French club, babysitting, National Honors Society, and just relaxing with family and friends. She hopes to bring her hard work, positivity, and creativity to the Simon Says Give Kid Advisory Board.