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Kids Celebrating Kids!

Here are a few of our stories and milestones for Kids Celebrating Kids!

  • Sam


    Met amazing Sam – we were able to celebrate with him and his amazing family! Sam is a special kid that brings so much joy to the world! Thanks Sam for allowing us to celebrate YOU!


    Jennifer and Laquilla

    We have known Jennifer and her family for almost a year. Jennifer shares a birthdate with her God Sister Laquilla and wanted to share their birthday together. Laquilla is an amazing girl that recently lost her mom to cancer and we were thrilled to celebrate with her! Judy of Sweet Wishes came to the party to make chocolate candies with the kids and it was an amazing experience for all!

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    Thanks for letting us celebrate our birthday together!
  • 50 birthdays in a box

    50 Birthdays in a Box Donated

    A 3rd grade class in Lakeville, MN donated 50 birthday parties in a box ready to be deployed to our kids in-need.