Give Awards 2019!

Our Kid Advisory Board in Minnesota presents the GIVE AWARDS!


In 2018, the Kid Advisory Board planned and hosted the Give Awards ceremony to recognize some of the seriously incredible heroics of kids and teens in our community. Each youth ‘”superhero” was nominated and chosen based on the positive impact they are making in their community. Nominations took place between August and October 2017, many of the youth were nominated by their peers or teachers. Applications came in from across the greater Twin Cities and Southern Minnesota. In 2020, we want to honor more incredible youth who are making a difference through service works! The goal through this event is to empower other kids to join in and help build a generation of awesome youth leaders and action takers. Nominate a youth leader ages 5-18 today!



  • Nominator’s Relationship to Nominee:

  • Describe how their efforts directly served people. (How did it change people’s lives? How were their lives different after your service work compared to before?) Explain how the lives of people surrounding those directly served were improved because of your service work:

  • Describe the service or volunteer efforts taken by the nominee (in other words, what is the nominee doing that makes them stand out in your mind?):

  • Describe the impact the nominee had on an individual or community through these efforts:

  • Describe the impact these efforts have had on the nominee (in other words, how has the nominee changed or grown as a result of these efforts?):

  • Please state why you believe the nominee is worthy of the 2019 Give Award:

  • If you are self-appointed nominee, please explain why giving is important to you:

  • How much time does the nominee commit to their service work monthly?

  • To the nominee, what qualities make a great leader? How do you exemplify these qualities through your service?


Contact for more information.

If you are unable to participate, you can still donate to the cause.